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Access China Tours offers Adventure Packages with 7 different itineraries.

Adventure tours take travelers to remote provinces and regions to discover the stunning natural beauty, colorful ethnic cultures, and off-the-beaten-path towns and villages for an unforgettable immersion in the local history and daily life.

ACT’s adventure tours feature carefully designed itineraries, cultural immersions in local communities, moderate hiking and walking experiences, deluxe hotels, local dining experiences, professional English-speaking tour managers and guides, and comfortable vehicles with professional drivers.  Some of the adventure tours involve higher altitudes and longer drives.

At Access China Tours, we provide value-added experiences for both first-time visitors to China as well as seasoned China travelers by giving our clients a wonderful sightseeing experience, as well as a learning experience by focusing on history, archaeology, art, and local customs.  See why travelers choose Access China Tours by looking at what is included in our tours along with testimonials from previous ACT travel clients.

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Great Wall of China Trekking Tour

Experience the Great Wall of China like never before.

See the panoramic views of this monumental battlement and the surrounding vistas. Started over 2,000 years ago, it stretches over the mountains and extends itself for several thousand miles before it plunges to the sea.  This tour follows the path of the Great Wall while immersing visitors to the enchanting world within China.

Jiankou, Jinshanling, Simatai, Huangyaguan, Panjiakou, and Shanhaiguan — 10 Days

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Shangri-La Hiking

For centuries, legends have been circulating about the mystical mountain paradise of Shangri-La, through its true location has never been disclosed. You can now hike through the locales that inspired these legends. Visit the beauty and wonders that are within the legend of Shangri-La.  Hike through the majestic snow-capped mountains, visit Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and quaint rock house villages. Experience the beauty of the Yangtze River flowing through the Tiger Leaping George.

Beijing, Lijiang, Walnut Grove, Baishuitai, Zhongdian, Deqin, Yubeng, and Shanghai — 11 days

See a detailed itinerary or download the pdf Shangri La Hiking Tour.


Glory of the Northern Tribes Tour

Discover towering temples, magnificent stone carved Buddhas, exquisite murals and sculptures along with the meandering Great Wall of China and its many tower fortresses. Visit the Yungang Caves, where elaborate and colorful Buddhist artworks have been well preserved for over a thousand years. See the Huayan Hanging Temple, near the Datong Temple for a view of its elegant architecture perched on a sheer cliff. See sacred Buddhist mountains dedicated to a particular Bodhisattva, Wutaishan in particular, that is a sacred mountain dedicated to Manjusri (also known as the Wenshu Buddha), the god of wisdom.  Combine these with stops along the Silk Road markets and Tibetan villages.

Datong, Wutaishan, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Yinchuan, Xiahe, Tongren, and Xining — 18 days

See a detailed itinerary or download the pdf Glory of the NorthernTribes Tour.


Saints, Buddha & Dynasties

Travel through 3000 years of Chinese history and culture, exploring the places and people that shaped modern China. See Luoyang, China’s “cradle of civilization”.  Travel to the monastery built by the Emperor Xiao-Wen of Northern Wei Dynasty where for 1500 years, hundreds of Shaolin monks in the temple have practiced the ancient tradition of meditation and Kung Fu martial arts.  Kung Fu has attracted followers from around the world.  See the Jewish community at Kaifeng, one of the oldest in China.  Experience Qufu, the small hometown of Confucius, the world renowned Chinese philosopher and scholar.  Take a short flight to Nanjing, another ancient capital in southern China.  Soak up the lush green beauty in Yangzhou and depart from the metropolis of Shanghai.

Beijing, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Qufu, Tai’an, Nanjing, and Shanghai — 14 days

See a detailed itinerary or download the pdf Saints, Buddha & Dynasties Tour.


Southern Treasures Tour

Experience the rich diversity of culture and landscape in Southern China. Enjoy constant warm weather and exotic sights on this unique tour. See the unique “Tulou”, the “Round Houses” of the Hakka people, firsthand. These are multistoried circular dwellings inhabited by many communal Hakka families. Visit the 1000-year-old Nanputuo Buddhist Temple, the oldest monastery in the city, famous for its fine architecture and inscribed stone tablets. Learn more about China’s ethnic minorities, and after soaking up many unique cultures, head south for some relaxation at Sanya beach.  As with our other tours, enjoy delicious local cuisine throughout your visit.

Shanghai, Xiamen, Changsha, Guiyang, Kaili, Kaiping, Sanya, and Hong Kong — 16 days

See a detailed itinerary or download the pdf Southern Treasures Tour.


Hulunbeier & Manchuria Tour

Manchuria is a region of China that has been coveted through the ages by many powers for its rich natural resources. See the influence of Russian, Mongolian, Korean, and Japanese cultures on this crossroads of North Asia at the border between China and Russia. Visit the Baerhu Grasslands and see the Mongolian nomads herding their livestock. Take a stroll on the lake shore and enjoy a special lunch featuring fresh fish caught from the clear, pristine lake. Enjoy Mongolian dance and music by bonfires after dinner under the stars at the camp, then sleep in a traditional style Mongolian yurt dwelling of nomadic Mongols. Admire Russian orthodox church buildings in Harbin, the city that had the second largest Jewish population in early 20th century China.

Beijing, Manzhouli, Hailaer, Harbin, Shenyang, and Dalian — 12 Days

See a detailed itinerary or download the pdf Hulunbeier & Manchuria Tour.


Old Villages by the Yellow Mountain Tour

Start with some sightseeing in Beijing. Take a stroll around massive Tiananmen Square, then move on to see the 2008 Olympic Venues: the Bird’s Nest stadium and the Water Cube swimming pool. Explore old villages on route to Yellow Mountain, also known as “Huang Shan”, a World Heritage Site since 1990. It is believed by many to be the most beautiful among China’s scenic mountains. The highest peak rises just 1870 meters (6,135 feet) above sea level, while the trails and stairs give both a good workout and reward of superb vistas.

Beijing, Huangshan, Xidi, Yellow Moutain, Wuyuan, and Shanghai — 9 Days

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