Country_ChinaChina, the “Middle Kingdom”, offers almost unlimited superlative experiences for the tourist. 5,000 years of history and culture, the world’s most modern airports, fastest trains, the most diverse cuisine, most of the highest mountains, longest rivers, oldest religions, tallest buildings, and so much more.  China is like a dozen nations wound into one. The world’s most populous and third largest nation teems with ancient and modern sites to experience. With 48 UNESCO world heritage sites one can spend weeks beholding the natural and man made wonders of China. From the iconic Great Wall and Temple of Heaven in Beijing to the Terracotta army of Xian, to the pristine landscapes of Guilin and the Potala Palace in Tibet, China appeals to the traveler wanting to see the wonders of the world in comfort and style. Make a visit to China, it will welcome you back for decades to come.