Heaven Earth

Learn about the Chinese view of man and nature while visiting Shanghai, Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou, Xian and Beijing.

Turquoise colored lake in Sichuan, China
Heaven and Earth are “God” and “nature” to the Chinese people.

These two words are always used together when referring the power or force governing the world beyond human will and ability. The tour combines the beauty within nature, with the majestic achievements of man.

This tour begins in Shanghai, China’s largest city, with a population of 13 million. Take a stroll along the Bund, visiting the Yuyuan Garden and the Shanghai Museum, with a collection over 120,000 pieces, displaying some of the best relics from the Qing dynasty.

Some view Yellow Mountain as China’s most scenic. Ascend through the stunning scenery and check into a mountaintop hotel. See the famous North Sea Sunrise, a dramatic view across a sea of cloud and fog.

Visit national parks to see fantastic views of a magical landscape filled with caves, waterfalls, rare plants and wildlife. Included in this tour is a stop at the Giant Panda Breeding Center. See colorful mountain lakes, enjoy the delicacies of local cuisine and a festive theatrical show.

Continue on to the city of Xian to face the awesome view of over 7,000 soldiers that make up the Terracotta Army. The tour is complete in Beijing where travelers see the largest square in the world, Tiananmen Square, then venture on to the Forbidden City, once the exclusive home to China’s 24 emperors, spanning over 500 years in history. View the Temple of Heaven and dine by the Great Wall of China.

17 Days – Download 4 page pdf Heaven Earth Tour

Access China Tours Heaven Earth China Tour Map with stops in Beijing, Xian, Jiuzhaigou, Changdu, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan and Shanghai
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Day 1 Depart North America

Fly to China from your nearest airport. Cross International Dateline.


Day 2 Arrive Shanghai

Arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport. You are met by ACT service staff and transferred by vehicle to your hotel. Meet your fellow travelers at the Evening Reception and learn more about the upcoming activities.
Fairmont Peace Hotel (Evening Reception)


The Historic Bund, along the water in Shanghai Day 3 Shanghai

After a hearty breakfast in your hotel, you will head out to visit the exquisite Yuyuan Garden and the European Art-Deco architecture of the Bund. Gaze across the river at the towering structures of Pudong district. In the afternoon, visit the marvelous Shanghai Museum, whose well-appointed galleries contain some of the world-class collections of ancient art and artifacts dating back millennia. The Bronze Gallery is probably the world’s finest, and a must-see section. Wander around in the former French Concession, represented by the leafy Fuxing Park and colonial architecture in the area. Make a stop at Xintiandi, a redeveloped old neighborhood with trendy pubs, chic restaurants, coffee shops, and stores frequented by Shanghai’s new wealthy citizens. Enjoy a Shanghai Cuisine Dinner this evening.
Fairmont Peace Hotel (B-L-D)


Day 4 Shanghai – Huangshan (Tunxi)

Enjoy some rest time this morning in your hotel. Check out of the hotel before noon and visit Jade Buddha Temple for a view of the impressive Buddha statue carved out of one piece of Myanmar jade. Then tour the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center and Jinmao Tower for a grand view of the city center. In the late afternoon, take a Maglev Train ride to Pudong Airport and board a short flight to Huangshan. You will be met and transfer to hotel upon arrival.
Crowne Plaza Huangshan Yucheng (B-L-D)


Day 5 Tunxi – Yellow Mountain

Start the day with an exploration of the old town center (called “Laojie”) of Tunxi, Anhui province. With a history of over six hundred years, the streets in Tunxi are lined with nicely restored traditional style Ming & Qing residences and businesses. There are many interesting shops to pique your interest.

Yellow Mountain with clouds

Next, we travel to the famous Yellow Mountain by vehicle. On the way, we will visit two of the many quaint villages representing the local Huizhou culture. In Qiankou Village we will explore Zixia Manor, a rebuilt village estate using relocated Ming-style houses from surrounding locations displaying traditional Huizhou architecture. Chengkan Village houses a living museum of Huizhou Culture (three million still speak the Huizhou dialect) with many residences of famous personalities, family temples, old bridges, all of which bear wonderful details of artistic design.  Then we will arrive at the base of Yellow Mountain and start our ascent along the trails. There are several inviting temples and pavilions for us to explore along the way. We will take a cable car to reach the Yupinglou, a beautifully positioned pavilion on a rocky peak.
Xihai Summit Hotel Huangshan (B-L-D)


Day 6 Yellow Mountain

Most Chinese people consider “Huang-Shan”, the Yellow Mountain (a World Heritage Site since 1990) the most beautiful among China’s scenic mountains. The highest peak rises just 1870 meters (6,135 feet) above sea level, but the trails and stairs give both a good workout and reward of superb vistas. Continue your ascent to the highest peaks, passing stunning scenery and enjoying magnificent views of forest and rock formations. Ultimately arrive at the peak and check into your mountaintop hotel. The night is yours to take a much-deserved rest or gaze at the stars over Anhui Province.
Xihai Summit Hotel Huangshan (B-L)


Day 7 Yellow Mountain – Zhangjiajie

Arise before dawn to see the famous Huangshan Sunrise, a dramatic view across a sea of cloud and fog (weather permitting). After breakfast in the hotel, we hike to Yungu and take a cable car ride back down the mountain. Travel by vehicle to Nanjing (or Hangzhou) Airport for a late afternoon flight to Zhangjiajie. Transfer to your hotel upon arrival.
Hotel Pullman Zhangjiajie (B-L)


Folklore Song and Dance performer
Day 8 Zhangjiajie

Enjoy a whole day sightseeing in the Wulingyuan Scenic District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianzishan Nature Preserve, and Suoxiyu Nature Preserve. Inhabited by Tujia, Miao, and Bai ethnic minorities, this subtropical mountainous region sports 243 jagged peaks and more than 3,000 limestone karst upthrusts that together create a magnificent landscape. Today’s exploration focuses on the Yellow Rock Village and Golden Whip Stream area. Enjoy a traditional Folklore Song & Dance Show after a Local Cuisine Dinner.
Wulingyuan International Resort (B-L-D)


Day 9 Zhangjiajie – Chengdu

We continue our exploration in Zhangjiajie today. The park offers fantastic views of the magical landscape filled with caves, waterfalls, rare plants, and wildlife. Take a cable car up the Emperor Mountain and visit the West Sea Cloud and Kingbrush Peak. Descend via Bailong Lift to the Ten Mile Gallery; visit the Yellow Dragon Cave and Baofeng Lake. The local markets are full of colorful minority handcrafts and artwork. After dinner, transfer to the airport and fly to Chengdu. Transfer to the hotel upon arrival.
Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu (B-L-D)


giant panda bears sitting and eatingDay 10 Chengdu – Jiuzhaigou

Enjoy a wonderful breakfast in the hotel. Then go to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Center for a close look at the lovely bear and the Jinsha Site & Museum where marvelous ancient Shu Culture relics are on display. Transfer to the airport and take a short flight to Jiuzhaigou. Upon arrival, be met and travel by vehicle to Huanglong National Scenic Area. Huanglong Park features a unique high plateau travertine scenery. With a background of snow-capped peaks, the main scenic areas are within the U-shaped Huanglong Valley, which is 3.5 kilometers long and contains more than 3,000 travertines in eight groups of colorful ponds. Travel to Jiuzhaigou by vehicle later in the day and check in at the hotel and have dinner upon arrival.
InterContinental Paradise Resort (B-L-D)


Juizhaigou National Park, Clear lake with mountains, ChinaDay 11 Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou National Park is a hidden jewel in the Minshan Mountains, a range marking the eastern edge of the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau. Inhabited by Tibetans and Qiang tribes, Jiuzhaigou is believed to be one of the most beautiful scenic areas in China.
Start the exploration from the entrance of the park and you will first arrive at Zharu Temple, a wooden structure with cliffs rising behind. Farther along is Heye Village, where the stream drains out of a marshy tract known as Reed Lake. This in turn is fed by the more substantial Shuzheng Lakes, one of the largest, and with Dege Mountain rising behind. Enjoy a Local Cuisine Dinner followed by a festive Ethnic Song & Dance Show.
InterContinental Paradise Resort (B-L-D)


Day 12 Jiuzhaigou

Continue your exploration today in Jiuzhaigou. Head for the Nuorilang Falls. Follow the trail into the Primeval Forest, a dense and very atmospheric belt of conifers. Other scenic spots include the Changhai Lake and Swan Lake. Then by bus to the stunning Five-colored Lake which, for sheer intensity, if not for scale, is unequaled in the whole park. Dinner is on your own tonight.
InterContinental Paradise Resort (B-L)


Waterfall in China Day 13 Jiuzhaigou – Xi’an

This morning, transfer to the airport and fly to Xi’an, the ancient capital of many Chinese dynasties. After refreshing in the hotel, go to visit the massive ancient City Walls, the exquisite Xi’an Museum, and the Small Goose Pagoda revealing Indian influence. Tonight, enjoy a special Xian Cuisine Dinner in an elite local restaurant.
Hilton Xi’an (B-D)


Emperor's Clay Warriors in Xian Day 14 Xian – Beijing

Take a half-day excursion to Lintong to see the extraordinary 2,200-year-old Terracotta Warriors of China’s first Emperor, Qin Shihuang, discovered in 1974 by farmers when digging a well in the field. This archaeological excavation site is a stunning exhibit of more than 7000 ancient terracotta life-size statues of soldiers, officers, horses, and chariots. After lunch, transfer to the airport for a flight to Beijing. On the way, visit Yangling Archaeological Museum that displays beautiful figurines and other treasures unearthed in the Han imperial tomb. Upon arrival at Beijing Capital Airport, you are met by ACT service staff and transferred by vehicle to your hotel. The evening is free.
Raffles Beijing (B-L)


Tiananmen red gate with Mao Day 15 Beijing

Your exploration in Beijing starts in Tiananmen Square, the world’s largest. Take a photo in front of the “Egg” National Performing Arts Center. Next, visit the Forbidden City, the magnificent imperial palaces of the Ming and Qing dynasties. After lunch, explore by a pedicab ride some of Beijing’s old Hutongs (alleyways) and the traditional courtyards. Climb up the nearby Drum and Bell Towers for a great aerial view of the old traditional neighborhood, and also visit a private home of local residents to hear their life stories. Return to hotel for relaxation. Enjoy a banquet featuring Peking Duck this evening.
Raffles Beijing (B-L-D)


Day 16 Beijing

Visit the Temple of Heaven early this morning. Observe Beijing residents doing traditional Taichi and other exercises doing tai chi in the morningin the well-maintained park. Behold the beautiful Hall of Prayers, an ornate structure built of wood without using a single nail. Stop by the lively Silk Market, a bustling place where buyers and vendors bargain hard over clothes, accessories, beddings, and traditional arts and crafts. After lunch, take an excursion to the Great Wall of China. The picturesque Badaling Section represents the Ming era construction. Enjoy a pleasant hike or ascend to the top beacon tower via gondola. Enjoy a memorable Farewell Dinner at Commune by the Great Wall.
Raffles Beijing (B-L-D)


Day 17 Return

Enjoy breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the airport and fly home.  Arrive in North America on the same day. (B)


17 Days (Tour Code-UHE)
This tour departs on Thursdays and returns on Saturdays. There are two tour departures in 2015 during the months of May and September.

Heaven Earth

Shanghai, Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhalgou, Xi'an and Beijing - 17 Days (Tour Code: UHE)
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