• Huang Shan, the Sacred Yellow Mountain

    Huang Shan, UNESCO World Heritage Site

    yellow mountain,huangshan, sacred mountain, china, UNESCO world heritage siteOf China’s dozens of scenic and sacred mountains, Huangshan (“the Yellow Mountain”) is perhaps the most picturesque and aesthetically pleasing. It has been designated UNESCO World heritage site since 1990. Located in the Yellow Mountain range of Eastern China’s Anhui province, Huang Shan receives over a million tourists and pilgrims every year. They come to climb the summit and to appreciate the unique natural beauty of this mountain of misty rocky summits and gnarled pine trees.

    The rocks and trees have been the focus of poets and artists for millennia, by end of the  Qing Dynasty over 20,000 poems survive  describing the natural beauty. The Taoist poet Li Bai  wrote some of the most famous odes to Huang Shan around 740 AD.

    Although only 1,864 meters (6,115 feet) tall, the mountain  contains three distinct climatic and vegetation zones giving the visitor diverse topography to savor. One can climb the thousands of steps to the summit or use the cable cars.

    The humid lower elevations are ideal for tea plant production and are the home to several troops of macaque monkeys.

    A highlight on a visit to the Yellow Mountain is to spend the night at one of the summit hotels and view the sunrise over the “sea of clouds” that form each morning below the summit.
    Access China Tours offers trips to Huang Shan and the nearby timeless villages of Anhui Province.

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