These people have just returned from their Asia trip that we arranged for them. Here are their comments regarding the trip.

The big headline from the trip was that we had the most amazing time. We appreciated all the pre-travel information and the detailed itineraries. And once we were on the ground, we were more than delighted with the flawless organization put in place by Access China Tours – we were met on time at every destination and looked after well by our guides and drivers who were, on the whole, incredibly solicitous. The actual itineraries matched our ambitions exactly and we were given the time we had requested at each ‘sight’. So we couldn’t have asked for more on the organizational front – we felt very well looked after!

Jacqui H. — Glasgow, UK (Private tour in China, June 2016)


Wonderful experience from start to finish. We booked our trip at the last second and Access China Tours was the only company able to meet our criteria on such a tight timeline. Working with Mark and Rebecca was extremely easy and there were available every step of the way offering their professional services. My wife was adopted from Korea at 3 months old and visiting the orphanage where she came from will be something we both remember for the rest of our lives.At this time there isn’t anything we would change about our trip. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to visit Asia again.

Alex T. — Chicago, IL (Private tour in Thailand and South Korea, February 2016)


Our trip to Yunnan was a real adventure, ranging from long mountain treks, through Buddhist temples and catholic churches to an experience of the village and city life around the province. Our guides didn’t push us around, and especially our trip to Shangri La was unforgettable, not least due to our local guide’s absolute knowledge of everything, ranging from religion to herbs. The Songtsam resorts are very authentic.

Access China Tours picked up on our differing wants and changed requests and proposed a really good trip for us. They selected high quality guides, whose English levels were good and who were accommodating to our changing requests. A certain degree of flexibility is needed when you travel to such places.

Asja P. and Fredrik R. — Fosnavaag, Norway (Private, October 2015)


John and I want to thank you for the vacation of a lifetime. We completed and have attached the evaluation you provided for us to complete.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

We cannot say enough about the personal guides and drivers.  They really made it so memorable for us.  We really felt like they are family by the end of our stay in each leg.  With all the handoffs, you never missed a beat!  Please provide our heartfelt thanks to everyone.  We will be back!

Judith. P. and John. S. — AZ (Private, September 2015)


All the drivers were very professional and the guides were very knowledgeable and spoke English quite well. They were always on time and were well organized. Everything went off without a hitch, never had any problems. Great trip !!!

Ronald C. and Holly C. — PA (Private, September 2015)


Thanks for putting together a great trip for us. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Roopa was initially worried a little about security and such. The Guides were awesome and put our minds at ease pretty quickly. The guide at Xian was good, but the other two at Beijing and Shanghai were really outstanding. Enjoyed thoroughly. Best part was the great local guides in various cities. They made it easy and fun. Walking on the great wall was a highlight. Toured the less crowded portion of the wall. Great pictures on the wall. Memories will definitely last a lifetime. The Terra-cotta warriors were also awe inspiring.

Venkatesh N. and Roopa N. — TX (Private, September 2015)


There are not enough superlatives to aptly describe the depth and breadth of the travel experience you made possible. You listened to our insanely ambitious wish list and then planned the perfect itinerary. Each day was wondrous. The sights, sounds and scents will stay with us for a lifetime.  And we were able to be fully in the moment because you freed us of the distractions that come with making one’s way in unfamiliar places.

We were blown away by the accommodations you chose for us–-from the simplicity of gers to breathtakingly beautiful hotel rooms in unique settings with top-rate staff that went out of their way to make sure we felt well cared for.  As for the guides, their enthusiasm and love for their respective homelands was palpable. Our understanding of the history and cultures of China, Mongolia and Japan were significantly enriched by the information they shared.  All went to extraordinary lengths to ensure our utmost satisfaction.

In short, our expectations were exceeded every step of the way. The fact that this dream vacation was made possible by the expertise of the Access China staff has been a standard component of our travel tales. We are HUGE fans and will highly recommend your services to friends, family and coworkers.  In fact, I am already planning to return to Mongolia for the Eagle Hunter Festival in 2017.  I will, of course, look to your talented team to assist with arrangements.

“Thank You” seems like a woefully inadequate expression of the extent of our gratitude.  Please know much we value the time spent and care taken to perfect our travel plans. 

Susan S. and Suzanne R. — Washington DC (private tour in China and Japan, July 2015)


You were right you picked the perfect guide for us. Lokesh is terrific. Very attentive-he’s taking excellent care of us!!! Just leaving Varanasi for udaipur on our full day of flying and thankfully the last of the internal flights for this trip!  We love India so far especially the traffic!!! (I’m serious!!!). Thanks again for arranging this trip for us. Never a doubt that we would be in good hands!!!

India totally exceeded our expectations! From the hotels to the warmth of the people to the endless photographic opportunities to all the logistics handled superbly by Lokesh who took excellent care of us! The company checked in with us every few days to ensure all was going well. The transportation handler Sandeep and the driver Mano were also excellent. Thank you so much for arranging this trip for us. Once again we are thrilled with our experience and can’t wait to travel with your company again.

We had GREAT weather at the Taj Mahal for the both days we were there!

Lorraine S. and Terese A. — Brooklyn, NY (private tour in India, Feb 2015)


From the minute we met him we knew he was going to be exceptional, and he never let us down. His knowledge, warmth, and constant concern that we were having a great time sets him apart. Please understand that Grace in particular exhibited these same characteristics, but Jeremy went above and beyond. He brought the real China to life for us. In a trip full of high points, our adventure in the mountains was the top (no pun intended). I will always remember the hike Jeremy and I took through the rice fields. It was truly amazing.

As you know, I left my memory cards in one of our hotels. I was beside myself when I discovered the loss. I called Jeremy and he immediately, with the help of your office, jumped on it. I never expected to see them again. You can only imagine my happiness when I got Jeremy’s text that they had been recovered. I will be forever in his debt for locating them for me. I can only hope you know what a gem you have in him. He is a credit to your company and his country.

The other matter I want to mention to you is how responsive your office was on both our concern with the location of one of our hotels (which had nothing to do with you) and the loss of my memory cards. When traveling to a country where English is not widely spoken, we need to be able to rely on our guides and travel company. We were so pleased with our experience in China. In fact, I can honestly tell you it’s the only country I’ve traveled to that I plan to return to.

David & Janet S. — Wayne, NJ (private tour in China, June 2014)


We had a really, really great time in China!! We really think very highly of both guides, and drivers.

We filled out the form before we went to the Mosque in Xi’an, and I was surprised how very special it was. Originally we were scheduled to visit the Mosque in the afternoon. Our guide suggested we postpone the Mosque until the morning when it would be cooler. I’m so happy she did because not only was it more pleasant temperature wise, there were very few people. I think we arrived at about 10:00 am.

Thanks for your help, we had a very enjoyable and memorable trip, we would not change anything!

Rae and Eric P. — Portland, OR (private China Tour, June 2014)


We loved our trip! And, we would definitely recommend Access China to friends wanting to travel to China. We especially appreciate your advice and quick responsiveness to all of our questions and concerns before our trip. And, also for respecting our choice not to spend time shopping.

At each and every stop, our guides and drivers were right there and we located them very easily at the airports. That really reduced the stress of arriving in unknown places. We were lucky with our flights being on time. And, with the exception of one day in Beijing, we were incredibly lucky with the weather.

We loved our itinerary. It was wonderful to visit really varied locales. And, thanks for adding Lijiang into the itinerary. It was a great experience. The Crowne Plaza is also one of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels I’ve ever stayed in in my life. In fact, all of our hotels were great. We also really loved the Li-an Lodge in Ping An. A beautiful hotel and the young women on staff there were so friendly, professional and welcoming. Just lovely ladies. The Red Wall in Beijing was a delightful place to stay, too.

We especially loved our outdoor times: biking, hiking, climbing to grottos and to Ping An and walking everywhere. I ended up with some altitude sickness in Lijiang (unfortunately, I didn’t know what had to be done to prepare for altitude — or didn’t pay attention to it — so Jim and I did not hike in the Yak Meadow. By the following morning, I was 100%). Michael and Lynne really enjoyed that day. In general, those days were really great.

So, thank you, Moosa, to you, to Rachel and to the whole Access China team. As I mentioned, we will all definitely recommend Access China to our friends.

Sue F.  — ON (private China Tour, May 2014)


We were very pleased with all the arrangements- the guides were great and ALWAYS prompt, as were the drivers. We especially appreciated the flexibility and the extra lengths they went for us.
Thanks for all your help, it really was quite a trip.

Rebecca M. — Tucson, AZ (Private China tour, Apr 2014)


Words absolutely fail me when, since being back in TO, friends & family have asked me how my trip was. “Incredible” barely scratches the surface!
You and all of your colleagues & assistants who were with us, including particularly Lokesh of course, were helpful, friendly, fun-loving and tirelessly thoughtful. Our every need was considered, even to the point where we were checked in for flights and given our boarding passes. True luxury!
My head and I will need weeks and possibly months to absorb all the complexities and beauty and history and beauty of our trip together.
Bless you for your part in making it such a wondrous experience!

Liz R.  — ON (Group Tour to India, January 2014)


Thank you for a spectacular India trip! Our senses were fully engaged with the cacophony of noises, dazzling colours, powerful tastes, and variety of smells both good and bad. As with your other journeys, the sites, accommodations, and experiences were outstanding. You and the team made it all appear so seamless which is quite a feat given the many encounters and events. It was also wonderful to share it all with such a congenial group. We really enjoyed and appreciated the whole experience and your gracious company. Thanks again.

Linda H. — ON (Group Tour to India, January 2014)


Our trip was wonderful and the service outstanding. We were specifically pleased with the driver and guide in Lijiang who helped us deal with a cancelled flight. The guide booked us into a wonderful hotel and provided us with additional tour opportunities during our one day extension. We appreciate the service your agency has provided for both of our China trips. Thank you very much!

Kari W. — ON (Private China Tour, November 2013)


I was thrilled and so excited to be in China! It was one of the best experiences of my life. The scenery exceeded any expectations. I also felt safe and was treated with respect by all. I am very grateful to so many for making this journey possible and appreciate the patience you have had in working with me. Thank you for your willingness to put together my final itinerary under such notice and for such a brief trip.

Overall my comments are all positive. Each of the three guides assigned to me were compassionate and competent. They were each a delight to spend time with and each so different one from the other.

I accomplished everything that I had hoped for…walked the Badaling part of the Great Wall, hugged a panda, took a boat on the Li River to see the limestone bluffs, and viewed the rice terraces; and, had a better time than I ever imagined.

I continue to be absolutely thrilled with having gone to China! I do hope to return and I would suggest you, personally, to anyone who is looking for someone to work with in planning an excursion.

Valerie B. — Phoenix, AZ (Private China Tour, October 2013)


I did want to get back to you and tell you that everything went very smoothly in Hong Kong. The tour guides were on time and very knowledgeable. We were met at the airport and transported to our hotel. The hotel was perfectly located on Nathan Blvd and was very nice.

I believe we had a very comprehensive exposure to the islands in the short time we were there.

You did a great job and I would certainly recommend you to friends visiting the area.

Joe P. — Franklin Park (Private Hong Kong trip, September 2013)


We had a spectacular trip. Access China Tours did a wonderful job and we would definitely recommend your company to others planning a trip to China. We loved all of the places we visited. Each guide was knowledgeable, punctual, friendly, and fun. My only suggestions would be (1) to make sure all vans have high powered air conditioning if traveling during the summer; One or two vans had AC, but it did not work as well as we would have liked, and (2) try to provide restaurant options that have a few western choices. While all of the restaurants we visited were very high quality, it is an adjustment for westerners to eat only Chinese food, so some western choices would have always been welcomed. This was a trip of a lifetime that created memories that we will always cherish.

Thanks again for everything!

C. and J. Saldana — Carollton (Private trip, July – August 2013)


We had a great trip!! Everything went smoothly and we didn’t get sick!! I’ve misplaced the evaluation form you sent in the packet. If you would kindly send another, I’ll be happy to fill it in. It’s definitely very positive.

Our guide in Singapore, Derek Chia was wonderful. He became our driver and invited Jeck Tan to serve as guide – both actually shared along the way. Derek’s Toyota Camry was a comfortable delight for our travel around the city. Although not so large in area, it was amazing how far we traveled on various roads in Singapore!! We covered the items listed on your itinerary and they made a couple of adjustments so we could see Mount Sophia (where I used to stay with a friend) and the new site of Trinity Theological College which used to be on Mount Sophia. Both Derek and Jeck were very thoughtful of our needs and helpful getting in and out, walking etc.

In Kuala Lumpur, we had Thomas Ng as our guide and he, too, was excellent. We had a couple of different drivers. We had one small problem that they quickly adjusted. We were met at the KL airport with an 8-10 passenger van and learned that this would be our transportation to the Cameron Highlands, a five hour drive. In addition to its being difficult for Ibby to get in and out of, the van was not very comfortable for a long trip. So we asked for a sedan for the Cameron Highlands trip. The next day the driver came with a small Hyundai sedan for our sightseeing in KL and we agreed that would be OK for the longer trip. For the trip to Melaka, a different driver had a very comfortable Camry!! Vivian was very helpful and solicitous of our needs. She came to the hotel to inquire about the auto arrangements and later called to see how things were going. The bus trip from KL to Singapore went well – as Saturday approached we were a bit concerned with the idea of a double-decker bus because Ibby has some difficulty with stairs, but she managed them OK; after the rest stop, she stayed in the lower conference area of the bus, which was not occupied.

Thomas was also very adaptable and helpful. Initially, they had planned for the driver to take us to the bus on Saturday without the guide, but at my request, Thomas came along to insure there was no problem. Derek then met us in Singapore and took us to the hotel, and then to the airport early the next morning.

Our guides, Derek, Jeck and Thomas were well informed, thoughtful of our needs, flexible and offered suggestions of other things we might be interested to see. During our sight-seeing, I often wondered if the car and guides were available just for the outlined itinerary or for blocks of time (like a morning or an afternoon). That never seemed to be an issue, and I didn’t feel rushed through our visits.

Also, we were delighted with each of our hotels – they were well-chosen. In Singapore and KL, both hotels were near a shopping center with numerous food courts – so we had wonderful meals and, especially in KL, not too expensive!!

So thank you very much, Mark for making these arrangements. We would highly recommend these arrangements to others. I haven’t begun to sort pictures yet. If I come upon any interesting ones, I’ll share them!!

Many thanks!

L. Turnipseed (Private trip, July 2013)


Access China Tours diligently responded to my concerns and needs during the planning process and once on the tour, your service was thoughtful, caring and professional.

We had a wonderful trip and I want to thank Moosa and Michael Zheng in Beijing for putting together the perfect itinerary for my family. This was a very important trip for my grandchildren whose heritage is linked to China. Your efforts made it an exciting and memorable experience.

My sincere thanks to you all.

D. & M. Schwartz (Private family trip, June 2013)


I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with our trip. Both Eric (our guide in Xi’an) and Henry (our guide in Beijing) were wonderful. They shared the history and background of the sites to which they took us and were flexible when we wanted more or less time in a site. I would recommend your agency to any of my friends who want to visit China.


Elise Lev — Newark, NJ (Private trip, May 2013)


My favorite experiences were hiking around Lonji after a huge rainstorm and seeing all the wet rice terraces glistening in the sunlight, and seeing the Great Wall almost empty under blue skies in the snow! I enjoyed every ritual at every Buddhist and Confucian temple–and I particularly loved going to little hole-in-the-wall restaurants on my daily drives.

Thank you for everything you did to make this a trip of a lifetime.

Victoria P. — Santa Fe, NM (Private trip, March 2013)


We had a wonderful trip. The guide and driver in each city were very pleasant and accommodating. All hotels were very nice. The mountain retreat forgot to tell us about our room change when we checked in so ended up moving our room for us while we were out touring. We thought the 2nd room was very nice and had a great view and a more private bathroom. The only downside was that it was in a separate building from the lobby and restaurant. Have you stayed there? I think I would have preferred staying in the other room both nights rather than moving–it was very nice. But, in any case it was a beautiful space to be in.

The food was very good and each guide was very helpful in making sure we were able to follow our vegetarian diet. If I had it to do over again I would have booked the elite restaurants at lunch instead of dinner (maybe they are not open for lunch?). Pure Lotus in Beijing was amazing–beautiful setting and fantastic food! But we were so tired from our excursion to the wall by the time we got there–I wish we could have enjoyed it earlier in the day (we had also had a late and very large lunch that day). I don’t think we could have know that ahead of time.

These are very small things–we had a wonderful trip and will highly recommend your company to any family we know traveling to China. Thank you for all your work in making our trip so comfortable and fun!

T. Hilliard — CA (Private family trip with young children, March 2013)


We loved the trip. Thank you for all your help. We did fill out the questionnaire we received from our last guide in Beijing. I hope you received it. Ben, our guide in Shanghai was so wonderful. We all loved him and thought he was just the best. I am happy to be a referral for you. Let me know if you have any other questions. I will try to send a photo of us with Ben.

Judy W. — Washington DC (Private trip, January 2013)


I am sending a big thank you to you for all of your hard work in the planning of the trip to India. It was a wonderful adventure, so well organized with so many special details which I know take a lot of planning. Our farewell evening was magical. The group was great and I already miss all the interaction and all the fun.

Diane F. — Boston, MA (Group Tour to India, January 2013)