Country_JapanJapan, the land of the rising sun, is a wonderful balance of ancient tradition and cutting edge modernity. This island archipelago almost the size of Californian has three times as many people. Japan has perfected the art of high density urban living that is clean, safe and efficient. Tokyo-Yokahama is the world’ largest metropolitan area yet is easily navigated by a fine public transportation system. In Japan’s cities you can see the ancient traditions of sushi making, Geisha dress, and onsen saunas coexist alongside the most modern fashion, robots and virtual reality giant video screens. Japan protects its natural environment and is still mostly forested hills and mountains. See the unique Shinto Buddhist temples and statues, medieval castles of the Shoguns and traditional wood and paper homes throughout this homogenous nation. Kyoto was spared from bombing in World War 2 and has many ancient structures intact such as the Golden Temple. Mt.Fuji is an icon that can be experienced up close or from the window of a bullet train. Japanese cuisine one of the world’s most sophisticated and refined, here chefs take pride in making both a simple bowl of Udon noodles or a sashimi masterpiece. US, Canada and EU passport holders do not need a visa to visit Japan.