Yangzi Delta & Yellow Mountain

Shanghai, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Hangzhou, Suzhou

11 Days/09 Nights (Pick Your Dates)

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Tour Program Summary

China is a land of history and refinement unparalleled in the world. Attentive visitors are immersed in a sea of visual and cultural experiences unlike any other. This tour focuses on the Yangzi Delta and Yellow Mountain regions, each has its own characteristic landscape, centuries old traditional culture, and modern development.

Your exploration starts in Shanghai, China’s most populous city and economic powerhouse. The European Bund still retains the glamour of the colonial era. Modern western style malls, pubs and boutique stores scatter all around the center of Shanghai. Visit the traditional literati Yuyuan Garden, the atmospheric former French Concession, and spend some time exploring the Shanghai Museum, one of the best in the country.

Fly to Huangshan, commonly known as the Yellow Mountain. Strangely shaped pine trees, grotesque rocks, hot springs and a sea of clouds have been hailed as the four stunning features of the Yellow Mountain. Enjoy the hikes between vista peaks along stair trails. Also explore several of the ancient villages with residences, archways and temples in the unique Huizhou Style Architecture.

Travel by vehicle on express highway to the nearby Hangzhou, which is located to the south of Shanghai along the coast and was described as paradise on earth in ancient times. Enjoy boating on the beautiful West Lake. Visit enchanting Buddhist temples and sip the freshness of Longjing Tea grown on the rolling hills surrounding the city. Hangzhou has been voted the best livable city in China numerous times.

A high speed train ride takes you to Suzhou, where literati gardens remain the way they have been for centuries with bamboo groves, rockery hills and miniature waterfalls splashing into pond-sized lakes filled with colored carp and lotus leaves. The Grand Canal, with its many artery branches running through the old town, symbolizes the imperial power of the old dynasties.

Return to Shanghai for an overnight stay and fly home or to your next destination.

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