normal_Country_MongoliaMongolia is one of the last wide open wild places on the planet. With a huge area the size of Alaska and only 2.9 million people, Mongolia is the least densely populated nation on earth. You can enjoy its pure air and topographical diversity in the grasslands, the Gobi desert (the northernmost desert on earth) and the alpine forests and lakes of the western mountains. This tiny group of people lead by Chinggis Khan conquered and maintained the largest land empire the world has ever known 800 years ago. Today’s Mongols are proud and friendly people who like to share their unique landscape and history with visitors. In the capital Ulaan Bataar you can visit functioning Buddhist monasteries and history museums with some of the most complete dinosaur fossils on earth. In the endless outdoors you can sleep in traditional ghers (felt tents), ride horses and observe a plethora of wildlife.   Mongolia is an eco tourism gem that is also rich in culture and history. US passport holders do not need a visa to visit this most special land.