South Korea

Country_Korea_SouthSouth Korea is one of Asia’s most modern and user friendly nations. With 50 million inhabitants living in a land the size of Pennsylvania, South Korea is one of the most densely populated nations on earth, yet efficient housing and transportation systems makes it easy to navigate and enjoy. From the ultra-modernity of Seoul spawning world influencing music and fashion styles to the ancient architecture and rice paddies of the south, Korea offers rich contrasts to please the senses. The Koreans have vigorously held their unique culture and traditions in the face of numerous incursions by their giant neighbors China and Japan. Devastated during the Korean war, most of the nation is filled with modern structures, yet ancient temples, walls and castles can be easily seen in rural areas. Enjoy the unique Korean cuisine emphasizing grilled meats and spicy vegetable condiments. US, Canada and EU passport holders do not need a visa to visit South Korea.

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