normal_Country_NepalNepal is a gem of a nation tucked in the shadow of the Himalayas that creates an irresistible allure to travelers desiring incredible natural beauty and deep spiritualism. Towering snow covered peaks, Sherpas, Hindu temples, yaks, rain forests, wildlife preserves and Buddhist monasteries await discovery. Nepal is a landlocked nation the size of Arkansas with great topographical diversity. Most of its 27 million inhabitants reside in the lush lowlands, but many live in the rarefied air of the Himalayas. Besides Mt. Everest, the world highest point at 29,035 feet (8852 m), Nepal is home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains. Nepal offers a plethora of sport and leisure activities such as mountain trekking, river rafting, mountain biking, bird watching and wildlife viewing of endangered species such as rhinos and elephants. The birthplace of Gautama Buddha 2500 years ago, Nepal maintains a rich Buddhist tradition of monks and monasteries and unique temple architecture. Nepal is one of the most tourist friendly nations on earth, see its special places and enjoy the warmth of the people.